Third Annual Community Day Extends Browning’s Reach to Others

This year’s Community Day offered boys at all levels the opportunity for celebration and camaraderie, as well as the chance to serve the greater community beyond Browning. The entire Upper School traveled off site to participate in community service at various organizations, while the younger boys learned more about the global implications of access to water.

When asked by a teacher whether or not he enjoyed a “good” Community Day on December 15, a Pre-primary boy was quick to reply, “Of course I did! It’s community. How could it be anything but good?” Perhaps that says, in a nutshell, what this third annual event has come to mean to all those at Browning, especially at this joyous time of year when family and friends join together. 

Activities involved a scavenger hunt and intraschool games for the younger boys, and a community lunch served in fine fashion by the dining services team. Additionally, for the first time this year, Community Day saw the entire Upper School body sent off site to various organizations to participate in community service. These organizations included Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank for New York City, LSA Food Pantry, St. Luke’s in the Field, Masbia Soup Kitchen, Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen, Reach Out and Read, The Wild Bird Fund and the New York Common Pantry.

Science teacher Dr. Betty Noel, who was recently appointed Director of Diversity by Head of School John Botti, once again led plans for the day in collaboration with her colleagues. She noted, “This was another amazing Community Day! How wonderful to see students of all ages, as well as adults, learning about each other and interacting so well together. It was wonderful to have the Upper School boys leave the building to serve the greater community, as well as have the Middle and Lower School boys dive into the vital issue of access to water, which ties all life around the world together.” Dr. Noel thanked all those involved for their help with the organization and execution of the day, and for their overall patience and good cheer.

Mr. Botti, who experienced Browning’s Community Day as the new Head of School for the first time and ably assisted with the Habitat for Humanity project, thanked all the School’s teachers and staff members for their participation. “I want to thank especially Dr. Noel for her coordination of today’s events, but I also know that she was not alone… I know that the boys with whom I was painting and working were grateful to be part of a community that wants to use its time for matters of fun, yes, but also those of significance. Browning is a special place, and more than anything else, it’s made so by our faculty and staff, who animate it with expertise, hope and good cheer.”