Lower School Boys Sponsor Fundraising Events to Aid Hurricane Victims

Browning held a school-wide Dress Down Day on Thursday, September 14 (Grade One pictured above) to support Hurricane Harvey and Irma Recovery Funds, sponsored by Donors Choose.

Lower School Community Service Coordinator and Kindergarten teacher Caitlin Coleman thanks all those who contributed to the Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief efforts. The Browning community raised $2,121.19 to benefit affected schools through Donors Choose, which allows teachers to request much-needed supplies for their students and dedicates a particular portion of their site to Harvey and Irma relief. All donations went directly to affected schools in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Ms. Coleman noted, “As a community, we felt that the idea of schools helping other schools was a place to start.” 

She also extends her appreciation to those who generously supported a second fundraiser benefiting victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Browning’s three-day event raised $1,235 for Habitat for Humanity, which will help rebuild homes lost in this disaster. “As news of each storm's destruction was often intimidating or confusing to our boys – particularly the youngest ones – we wanted to help all Browning students understand that when difficult times arise, people can always do something to help,” Ms. Coleman said.