Middle School Presents Shakespeare's “As You Like It”

“As You Like It,” the annual Middle School Shakespeare production, was directed by Head Librarian Sarah Murphy and performed in November by 25 actors, including students from The Brearley School. Adding to the success of the production were student stage crew and technicians, as well as some Upper School boys whose musical talent enhanced the overall staging.

Head of Middle School Sam Keany said, “The younger boys carried their lines and entrances, sang with gusto and broadcast arrival of the next generation. The senior seasoned cast members showed the significant work not only of this year but of the growing confidence of past experiences, pouring heart and soul into their time on stage.” 

Ms. Murphy added, "It was a privilege to work with this enthusiastic and talented cast to bring Shakespeare's Forest of Arden, the play's bucolic setting, to life. I am grateful to Browning teachers Adam Giordano and Emilie Wolf for their hard work, and to Michael Serman, Browning class of '06, for arranging and directing the music."