Public Speaking Program an Annual Tradition

The annual Lyman B. Tobin Public Speaking Program occurs each spring at every division level, allowing Browning boys to refine their speaking skills and gain confidence in front of a large audience. Lyman B. Tobin, a Browning teacher for 34 years, became Headmaster in 1948 and under his leadership, public speaking was established as an important part of student life at the School. Objectives of this program are to develop effective public speaking skills, to memorize a significant piece of poetry or prose, to learn how to deliver the piece effectively, and to develop poise and self-confidence speaking in front of an audience.

Upper School boys who participate in the program may choose from two separate categories, oral interpretation and original oratory; this allows them to either interpret the work of another or to write and present an original piece. Lower and Middle School boys showed impressive skill at memorizing and delivering their recitations. Many thanks to all the judges from NYC schools who offered their time and expertise. Browning teachers (and parents, too) are to be congratulated for all their hard work with these fine public speakers!