Lower School Boys Showcase Acting & Spelling skills

On May 24 the Lower School Drama Club staged “Cast Aways” under the direction of Sarah Murphy, who described the play as follows: “It’s ‘Gilligan’s Island’ meets ‘Endgame’ in a post-climate-catastrophe future.”

The next day, Pre-primary boys proudly presented “One” for their parents and the school community. Pre-primary teacher Katherine Varughese noted, “Inspired by the book, ‘One,’ by Katherine Otoshi, the play conveyed a wonderful message about kindness and working together, which aligns with the Pre-primary curriculum.” The plot entailed primary and secondary colors as characters who realize that their arguing has gotten out of hand and that standing together and accepting each other’s differences is a much better way to live. 

The morning of June 1 began with the Laura P. Muhlfeld Lower School Spelling Bee and included finalists from Grades Two, Three and Four. Moderator Kevin Dearinger explained the outcome: “The final round left three boys standing [one second grader and two fourth graders] and so, according to the rules, there were three winners this year. A majority of the finalists held out longer than in any previous competition. Lower School spellers are hard to stump!” Judges were Head Librarian Sarah Murphy and Library Assistant Adam Giordano.