Grytte Newspaper Hosts Conference Thriller

The Grytte newspaper staff organized their second annual journalism conference in February to allow high school journalists from across New York City to network with each other and discuss common issues that they face as student-news organizations.

The conference started off with a student-moderated panel of professional journalists who discussed the importance of reputable and established agencies in a world where journalism is becoming increasingly decentralized through social media. The three speakers were:

  • Brian O'Keefe (@), deputy editor of Fortune Magazine 
  • Alex Vadukul (@), alumnus from class of 2007, a contributor for The New York Times, and U.S. editor for Port Magazine
  • Gillian Tett (@), U. S. managing editor for Financial Times  

“The Grytte staff organized another thriller,” said Co-editor-in-chief George Grimbilas ’18. “We want to send a huge thank you to the guest speakers. Their time is valuable, and we were grateful for every minute.”

After the panel, more than 70 students from Brearley, Browning, Columbia Prep, Dalton, Marymount, Nightingale, Riverdale, Regis, Spence and Trinity broke into small table discussions to gather insight into how they each put together their respective publications.

“It’s important to have these kinds of meetings, even though our publications have limited interaction with each other, we evidently face common issues, and it’s more productive to discuss solutions collectively than as individual staffs,” said Co-editor-in-chief Jackson Richter ’18.

The Grytte staff, having just celebrated their publication’s 120th anniversary and gold medalist rating, plan to release their next issue of the school year after spring break. Learn more about last year's conference here.