Lower School Boys Share Knowledge at Science Exhibition

Second and third grade parents and teachers spent the first hour of their day on May 9 in the Browning cafeteria, where they recognized the efforts, creativity and imagination of the second and third graders during the Lower School Science Exhibition. The boys and their science teachers, Julia Kingsdale and Emilie Wolf, had set up an impressive array of science projects, which the students were eager to explain in exacting detail. This morning of scientific discovery and sharing of knowledge represents a culmination of experimentation and modification.

Assistant Head of School/Head of Lower School Laurie Gruhn said, “The second and third grade boys worked incredibly hard on developing their ideas. The amount of thought, care and detail that went into each project is a testament to the students’ understanding of the scientific method, as well as the dedication of the two teachers who oversaw each project.  I thank Ms. Wolf and Ms. Kingsdale for the care and time they gave to each boy and his project, often coming in early or staying late, making sure all materials and resources were available, and helping individual boys over the inevitable hurdles or challenges they faced.”

Ms. Gruhn added, “Overseeing 70 projects is daunting work, and I thank my colleagues for their dedication. Watching an eight- or nine-year-old boy bring his questions to life in a hands-on experiential manner – with no guarantee of a successful conclusion – is both rewarding and challenging. Most importantly, I congratulate the boys on their efforts and resilience. It was a terrific morning!”