Browning Community Delves into Biodiversity Day

Organized by Browning’s Green Team and still going strong in its fourth year, Biodiversity Day was once again a huge success, thanks to the boys, guest naturalists, teachers and staff who braved unseasonably chilly temperatures to identify the amazing species that dwell in Central Park. Noted species beyond the classic spring blooms included black-capped night herons, raccoons, mayapples, red-eared sliders and a white-breasted nuthatch. 

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy '59 joined us again this year and shared

"I like the way Biodiversity [Day] has been evolving, getting more substantive, and turning into the institution it should be." 

The event helped raise $1,000 for the Wild Bird Fund, which will help the organization care for injured animals and fledgling birds.  

In the afternoon, the Middle and Upper School boys participated in workshops of their choice, including “Design Your Own Animal,” "DNA Barcoding," "Fishing in Central Park" and “Eco-Chains Arctic Crisis.” Two boys led a workshop of their own design which taught participants to build a device that extracts the remaining energy from used batteries to charge phones. Anther student shared the board game he helped design through the Lang program at the American Museum of Natural History. The Lower School boys engaged with the "Wild Bird Fund" and "Kids for Positive Change" to learn about what they can do to help birds and marine animals. 

Co-presidents of the Green Team reported, "Our fourth Biodiversity Day event was a great success! It was extremely gratifying to see students from all grades engaged in surveying Central Park, a resource we are very lucky to have. We are all thrilled with how this day turned out."