History Department Chair Invited to Prestigious NYU Conference

Dr. Gerald Protheroe was one of 25 participants invited to attend a round table conference, The State of the European Union and the Transatlantic Alliance, at the Center for Global Affairs, the School of Professional Studies, New York University, on April 6. During this in-depth exercise, 25 experts engaged in discussion on several major themes relating to the relationship between the European Union and the United States.

Among the participants were members of the European Parliament, a former deputy director of analytical programs at the CIA, the former Slovenian ambassador to the United States, the director of the Modern War Institute at West Point, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institute, and professors from Institutd’étudespolitiques/SciencesPo in Paris, Boston College, the University of Montreal, the Fletcher School at Tufts and the University of Kiel, as well as counter-terrorism and intelligence officials and journalists from The Guardian newspaper.

The all-day conference dealt with three major themes, including European economic and political relations in the post Cold War order, moderated by Tamás Meszerics, a member of the European Parliament from Hungary. Larry Wolff, executive director of the Remarque Institute, NYU, moderated the theme of NATO, terrorism, the Baltic States and the rise of Putin. The third and concluding session dealt with possible outcomes of current models of U.S. and European engagement.

Dr. Protheroe, who teaches two courses in international history at New York University, remarked. “It was a great honor to be invited to be a participant in this group. The standard of commentary and debate was daunting.”