PA Volunteers

Browning parents play a key role in the various events sponsored by the Parents Association. We welcome all volunteers for the activities listed below. Please complete the PA Volunteer Form if you’d like to get involved. The form can be found on the PA website or by clicking here.

Book Fair

The Browning Book Fair is an annual school-wide event that promotes the love of reading while raising funds to support the school library. The three-day event occurs in the fall and includes a cocktail party to which we invite authors, alumni and past and present parents; a family day where all members of the Browning community are welcome, and a day dedicated to the boys.

Browning General Store

The Browning General Store sells all Browning School items for our boys. The store has backpacks, gym bags, tote bags, hats, sweats, mouse pads, pencils, banners, footballs and more. Items are sold on the first day of school and monthly after the PA meetings. On-line ordering is also available.


The PA Browning chess program supplements chess in the classrooms and includes after-school chess programs, Chess Club, Browning tournaments, and participation in local, state and national tournaments. The PA chess representatives coordinate all activities between The Browning School, the coaches and the chess community and report chess activities at monthly PA meetings when applicable.

Holiday Party

The Holiday Party is an annual school-wide event that celebrates the holiday season with our Browning families.  The Lower Gym is transformed into a “winter wonderland” with spectacular Browning artwork on display. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served.

Ice Skating Party

This joint Browning/Marymount event takes place during the winter, typically on a Tuesday evening at Wollman Rink in Central Park. It is a fun event for skaters and non-skaters alike!

Joint Schools

Joint Schools Activities, Inc. (JSA) is a nonprofit organization created and supported by the Parent Associations of Independent Schools in Manhattan and Riverdale. Their mission is to advocate interest-based and age-appropriate activities for teenagers and to provide a broad-based range of opportunities for socialization through common experiences. Representatives for Middle School (Grades Five and Six, Form I and Form II) usually serve for two years. Representatives for the Upper School often serve for several years.

Mailing Committee

The mailing committee meets on an as-needed basis. The volunteers coordinate, organize and label all PA mailings for events. The committee meets at drop-off and usually ends by 10 a.m.

New Parents Committee

The New Parents Committee helps organize welcoming activities for parents who are new to the School including outreach over the summer, check-ins with new parents and organizing a New Parents Dinner.

Parents in Action

NYC Parents in Action is a nonprofit, volunteer organization founded in 1979 to represent parents of New York area independent schools. It is committed to the belief that communication between parent and child is the most effective tool in producing a healthy environment in which our children can develop into mature, responsible, energetic young adults. NYC Parents in Action serves as an information resource and explores and expands ways in which students and schools can better communicate with each other.

Parents League of New York

Parents League is a nonprofit organization of parents and independent schools that help you rise to the many challenges of raising children in New York.

Project Cicero

The goal of Project Cicero is to supplement and create libraries for children in under-resourced NYC public schools, pediatric hospital units, homeless shelters, community centers and wherever there is a need. Browning is one of over 50 NYC independent, public and parochial schools to participate. We collect new and gently used hardcover and paperback books in boxes set up in the lobby. The event takes place in March.

Speaker Program

Throughout the year, the Parents Association sponsors speakers of interest to the Browning community who come to talk to parents on a variety of topics.

Spring Benefit

The Spring Benefit is the Parents Association’s single most important fundraising activity. The planning of the event takes place throughout the course of the school year, and the funds raised by this event are used to fund various initiatives in the School. The Spring Benefit and Raffle enable the entire Browning community to come together to support our sons and the School.