2016 PA Benefit a Smashing Success!

The Parents Association (PA) held its annual Benefit on March 11 at Gotham Hall. In her welcoming remarks, Lisa Orange Elson, president of the PA, said, “Tonight we come together in our own enchanted forest. Our theme, “Tree of Knowledge” was created by our Benefit Committee. They decided on this theme because it symbolizes the seeds of wisdom that Headmaster Stephen M. Clement, III planted for the future of Browning. Those seeds have established deep roots, and now the School is ready to take that knowledge and continue to grow and blossom. Although we look toward the future, we also recognize the past. After 28 years of leadership as an exceptionally innovative and inspiring Headmaster, Mr. Clement is here tonight enjoying his last PA Benefit at Browning.”

Lisa added, “All the proceeds from the evening will be used to expand the minds of our teachers and boys by providing exciting resources and opportunities. These include the unique Faculty Stipend program, the inspiring arts program, blended learning program and our award-winning chess, hockey and athletics programs. Funds raised this evening will also contribute to important aspects of the Browning community that make our School special, including financial assistance and other programs that enhance our teachers’ and boys’ daily experiences. As Bob Marley said, ‘In this bright future, you can’t forget your past.’ So tonight we celebrate our rich, colorful history and embrace the bright, bright future of The Browning School!”

Thank you to the Benefit Committee for making this night such a success: Christine Callahan, Myra Ferreri, Kathleen Glaymon, Atoussa Haskin, Agnes Kelly, Matt Kinsey, Veronique Mazard, Ken Metz, Carmen Taton, Erika Taveras, Sheridan Vichie, Nazmi Oztanir and Clare Waugh-Bacchus.