2017 Spring Benefit: "Imaginarium" Takes Flight

The Parents Association's Spring Benefit video featured the poem, "I Dream a World," by Langston Hughes and included Browning boys along with Head of School John Botti.

The Browning community gathered for an evening of fundraising and camaraderie at the New York Public Library on May 19. The Parents Association’s Spring Benefit –“Imaginarium” – was the first for new Head of School John Botti, who described the event as “a celebration of creativity, originality and wonder.” Mr. Botti extended his gratitude to Benefit Chairs Lisa Elson, Nazmi Oztanir, Tracy Spitzer and Clare Waugh-Bacchus for creating a night to remember and also thanked attendees for their enthusiastic participation. He remarked, “This evening’s event reminds us that this community is a place for the expression of joy and fellowship, and as our school year nears its end, we do well to gather together and take pleasure in each other’s company.”

Ms. Elson, president of the Parents Association, noted that the monies raised from the benefit directly impact Browning boys and faculty, providing resources and opportunities for all. Speaking for many Browning parents, she described the School as “that place of magic in our sons’ lives where they can expand their minds, learn and grow.”