February 22-26

Our Mini-Mites (five- and six-year-olds) hockey team placed second in the Lasker Cup Tournament on Feb. 22!

As part of their fractions unit, the sixth grade boys were asked to make up and solve their own word problems. Each word problem needed to use the fractions 1/2 and 1/3, as well as one of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). You may view their works in the Chanos Gallery on the fourth floor.

On Feb. 24, Modern Languages Chair Ms. Ryan, Spanish teacher Ms. Martinez, art teacher Mr. Davis, and Middle School head Mr. Dunham took all students in Elementary French and Spanish classes on a field trip to the Met. There the boys observed, discussed and sketched works by Picasso to support a shared French/Spanish lesson involving Picasso and his anti-war painting "Guernica." During the trip they also viewed New York City-inspired murals in the area of 125th and Lexington based on "Guernica." Mr. Davis will use the sketches the boys created as a jumping off point for a lesson in Form I art as well.

The third graders performed their class play on Feb. 25 about the pilgrims' story of coming to the New World, a subject matter they are currently studying in social studies.