Week in Pictures, January 3-13

The Grytte newspaper staff was given a Gold Medalist rating by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) for the four issues they published in 2015-16. The Medalist Critiques are the written evaluation of the publication compared against a set of printed criteria as completed by CSPA judges. Click here to learn more about the Grytte’s trip to the CPSA fall conference.

The Form II boys enjoyed this year's Engineers Teaching Algebra workshop on many levels. Mark Love, who directed the January 4 session, said, "I think these were the two most engaged groups in all the years I have been here." Math Department Chair Michael Klein added, "Finding relevance for what they are learning in the classroom is a powerful component for the boys, and this workshop provides that opportunity.”

The third and fourth grade boys helped make the return of Panther Game Days a success in contests against Loyola on January 5. The boys, along with parents and faculty, were happy to show off their pride and had a great time! 

The JV basketball players kicked off the second half of their season with back-to-back victories against UNIS, 48-34, and Loyola, 63-33. The 7/8 Red team came away with wins against Calhoun in a nail-biter, 37-36, and in another over-time contest with Columbia Prep, 68-64. The fifth grade team won its season opener against the School at Columbia, 26-17; all 19 members of the team played for one full quarter in this true "team victory!”

In preparation for their upcoming unit on Japan, the third grade boys visited the UN as part of their social studies curriculum on world culture.

The two sections of the Intro to Engineering class competed in a robotics competition as a culminating activity for their engineering design project. Each student designed a robot then selected the best design to build, program, test and improve their robots in order to compete against the other section of the class. The winner of that match then went on to compete against the Advanced Robotics team. Watch a livestream of the event here. The Advanced Robotics team will compete at Dalton next month in a NYC regional competition for the First Tech Challenge. 

The fourth graders presented their social studies projects on January 12 based on American colonial resistance, including protesting the Stamp Act, Sugar Act and the Townshend Act.