Dear Browning Parents:

We write to you in early June about a proposal The Browning School Board of Trustees has been exploring with The Spence School. We have been invited to participate in their project of building a multipurpose athletics complex at 412 East 90th Street.  The Spence proposal engaged our interest on three fronts: the joint venture offers a strategic advantage to both schools with the potential of enhanced sharing of academic and programmatic options; it addresses Browning's long quest to find athletic facilities that match the excellence of the recently completed school house at 40 and 52 East 62nd Street; it is more cost-effective than building our own stand alone athletic facility.

The Browning Board has endorsed the initial planning and investigation of this exciting project after a team of trustees and administrators from both schools, along with appropriate experts, assessed its feasibility.  The Board has begun to explore fundraising and financing opportunities and has recently joined with Spence to present preliminary plans to the Board of Standards and Appeals. Mr. John Botti, Browning's sixth Head of School, has been fully apprised as the Spence venture has been explored.

When Browning opens in September we believe the Board will be closer to a decision.  We will also have feedback from the community board to the initial plans.  We think the opportunities are great, but many questions must be answered before the Board makes its final decision in late fall.  A small but active trustee committee, along with Browning staff, will be working through the summer.  The next communication will come from Mr. Botti in the fall.

In the meantime we hope you and your sons will have a fulfilling experience as Browning's 128th year draws to a close.

Sincerely yours, 


Samuel J. Weinhoff, President, Board of Trustees


Stephen M. Clement, III, Headmaster