As Seen on TV Tokyo America: Boys Use 3-D Printers to "Grow" from Consumers to Creators

Just before Spring Break, Form II boys in Mr. Sambuca’s technology class visited the MakerBot retail store at 298 Mulberry Street, New York. There they learned more about the company and enjoyed purchasing items from the gumball machines offering various designs made with one of the 3-D printers in the “BotFarm.” Other larger items were also for sale; most were designed by members of the MakerBot design team and ranged from functional jewelry and accessories to pieces of art. Click here to view photos from the trip.

In March, a three-member production crew from TV Tokyo America visited The Browning School to film a segment for their feature on MakerBot and the use of its products in an educational setting; click here to view. (Browning is featured about five minutes into this seven-minute segment.) As Mr. Sambuca notes, these 3-D classroom printers allow him to turn Browning boys “from consumers to creators.”