Grade 3 Ornament Design

 In the three weeks before Winter Break, Mr. Droke's third grade class designed snowflakes that were made using our laser cutter. The boys started the project by designing snowflake using the website Make-a-Flake.  After the boys finished "cutting" their flakes, they imported them into Adobe Illustrator. The boys learned the basics of Illustrator and how to use the Live Trace tool. We talked about about how the laser cutter makes specific cuts based on the color that it recognizes. For this project, the boys needed to make the lines of their snowflakes red. After the boys made the necessary changes to their file, we began the cutting process. Every boy had a chance to watch snowflakes being cut and talk about how the machine worked. This lesson allowed the boys to develop their creativity and design skills, while also introducing them to new computer skills. Click here for photos.