Middle Schoolers Place Second in AYC Hackathon

Browning’s Middle School team of six won second place in an Agile Youth Competition (AYC) Hackathon on December 11 at Riverdale Country School. The boys spent eight hours developing an idea into a working program, with the challenge topic revealed the day of the event. 

The group used the agile software development process which encourages flexible response to change, adaptive planning and continuous improvement. In a field of public and independent high school and middle school teams, the Browning boys delivered. Their challenge was to educate users about a compelling, current civic issue, so the team decided to code a game to train young learners on how to identify fake online news. 

One of the boys noted, “We worked hard, but it was hard fun...it’s not like your math homework!” Another summed up the day by saying, “The hackathon was fun; we worked as a group to solve a problem.”

The boys won a private class with Upperline Code and will compete again at Avenues: The World School in the spring.