Middle & Upper School Represent Browning in Regional AYC Hackathon

I’m pleased to report that both the Middle and Upper School excelled in a regional programming hackathon/codeathon competition held Sunday at Riverdale Country School. The Agile Youth Competition brings schools together for friendly competition and intense challenges related to computer science learned at school. Browning exceeded expectations yesterday adding to our community’s positive reputation as a leader in academic technology and computer programming.

The day started at 8:30 AM with organizers announcing teams must develop a solution to a common problem using any language/technology available. Three Form IV boys proved worthy opponents to a field of experts. With technical marvel, the varsity squad successfully developed an algorithm that takes sound frequency and visually displays what the user may or may not be able to hear. Made for music lovers with an appetite for the science in sound, the visual frequency waves program heightens the senses and enhances the listening experience.

Five 5th graders made their debut as the newest and youngest coders to compete in Sunday’s AYC. The boys created a program called Browning Beats Bullying with the Scratch program language. The game simulates how middle school kids can react to bullying and teaches people not to feel overpowered by everyday microaggressions and other hostile behavior used to target marginalized groups based on stereotype.

By 4:15 judges evaluated the field of projects submitted by teams from Browning, Riverdale, PS 126 Manhattan Academy of Technology, Avenues, Saint Ann’s, Friends Seminary, Montclair Kimberly Academy, Success Academy, Bronx Academy for Software Engineering, MESA Charter High School, Yeshiva University High School for Girls, NEST + M, The Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, and the High School for Hospitality Management. I’m excited to report Browning’s MS team won in the Beginner’s category with judges acknowledging their outstanding video presentation. Furthermore, both Browning teams succeeded in turning creative ideas into working programs all while exhibiting remarkable endurance, perseverance, modesty and decorum.

Welcome me in congratulating the boys from 5th grade and Form IV for their excellent sportsmanship, behavior and full commitment all the way through the competition.

Mr. Grill, Mr. Khan and I are thankful for the boys' passion for computer science and the continued support from the Browning Parents Association.