Families and Friends Attend “Family Hour of Code”

In the Kurani Gym on January 25, over 100 parents, special friends and students participated in Browning’s “Family Hour of Code.” Attendees enjoyed this special opportunity to practice computer programming (also referred to as computing or coding) together, joining what has become a national and international movement to teach all kids to code.

Technology Integrator Anderson Harp explained, “This event is important because computing will continue to be a big part of how most kids work and play throughout their lives. Parents ask, ‘What is this programming that my son is talking about all the time?’ And who to better answer that than their sons, who explain, ‘Coding is when you create a list of instructions to tell a computer what to do.’ It’s that simple!”

Mr. Harp added, “We played games and solved puzzles together and started to learn about coding in this family-style gathering. The focus wasn’t necessarily on screens; rather, it was the people that made this moment something special for all.”