Browning Robotics "Ultro" Qualifies for NYC Championships

The Browning Robotics team, named "Ultro" meaning "of one's own accord" in Latin, a play off our team's mission toward autonomous programming objectives, qualified for the NYC Regional Championships today! Our team was the second team out of five to qualify for the NYC championships. Thirty teams competed for five qualifying spots in the NYC Regional Championship. This is the best performance of the Browning Robotics team yet in our three-year history. 

The team won the innovation award for an elegant, unique and stable design. The team most importantly was the runner-up of the inspire award, which is awarded due to the overall robot design, community building, inclusivity, engineering notebook, business/strategic plan, innovation, and presentation. This qualified the team for the regional competition as the second team out of five to ultimately qualify. The Inspire Award placement is considered more valuable than winning the competition, as it represents the values we wish to inspire over winning in competition.