The Browning Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) department assumes the former Academic Technology department. As reflective practitioners in the field it is necessary to advance our curriculum every year to keep pace. Proliferation of information and communication technology (ICT) assures our youngest boys arrive for the first day of school with more tech skills than the last.


The CSE Department aims to inspire a boy's love for learning through computer science, engineering, and design. At Browning we see ICT (information and communication technology) as imagination machines, rather than replacements for what exists, these tools offer twenty-first century learners never before conceived mediums for self-expression. The lab serves as a multi-purpose space for study, debate, construction, tinkering, programming, and play. Creative thinking, thoughtful research, and cooperative investigation foster creative confidence and necessary skills to innovate and persevere.

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Lower School

The Lower School CSE curriculum is designed to provide our students with a safe environment where each boy can develop the necessary technological skills to thrive in the future. Through their early years at Browning, every student has the opportunity to explore and develop their computational thinking, interest in robotics, and their basic understanding of programming, engineering and design. We also focus on building the boys’ basic technological concepts and operations, like appropriate use of devices, digital literacy, and touch-typing. Outside of the technology lab, our students use technology in their classrooms where the tools enrich, reinforce, and extend their grade-level curriculum. When students finish 4th grade, we want them to be creatively confident, problem solvers, and innovative thinkers who are ready to deeply explore the implications and applications of technology in their life.

Middle School

The CSE curriculum in Middle School is designed to allow Browning students the opportunity to take ownership of their technological skills and begin applying them in meaningful ways that enhance their own learning. Through a 1-to-1 iPad program in 5th grade, we teach students how to use our online course management system, Moodle, and Google Apps. In each grade, students have the opportunity to reinforce their computer science, robotics, design, and engineering skills. During these years, students take the basic skills learned in Lower School and focus on the thinking necessary to apply them to real-world problems. By the end of Middle School, Browning students will have a deep understanding of how innovative technology can be used to positively impact their daily lives.  

Upper School

The CSE curriculum in Upper School is designed to allow Browning students to enhance their own learning, increase their productivity, and encourage their creativity. Our Upper School one-to-one iPad program allows Browning to meaningfully use technology in ways that enhance the students’ entire learning experience. Unlike Lower and Middle school, Upper School students have a choice in which technology courses they take during their four years. After Form III, students can choose between Engineering, Computer Science or Video Production classes. Upon graduating, every Browning gentleman will have experience with writing code, designing and producing 3D models using computer applications, engineering with electronics, and the creative confidence to solve real-world problems in bold ways.

This tree map helps visualize how class sessions breakout over the academic year.

This tree map helps visualize how class sessions breakout over the academic year.