The Browning Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Department aims to inspire a boy's love for learning through computer science, engineering, and design. At Browning we see ICT (information and communication technology) as imagination machines, rather than replacements for what exists, these tools offer twenty-first century learners never before conceived mediums for self-expression. The lab serves as a multi-purpose space for study, debate, construction, tinkering, programming, and play. Creative thinking, thoughtful research, and cooperative investigation foster creative confidence and necessary skills to innovate and persevere.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

8:00am - 9:00am (parents open house)


Showcasing Browning's unique tech program that starts in kindergarten and engages every grade. Our third annual Expo is a unique event that assembles one project per grade, pictures from class, and explanations of what the students' have been working on this year. Later that afternoon, Browning is hosting a gathering of educators and technologists from public and independent schools to talk about inquiry-based curriculum projects. Browning provides leadership in technology education and this is an opportunity for parents to learn about the program at Browning and how the department actively sparks our students' interest in these fields.