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Why a Boys' School?

A stimulating, risk-free learning environment

  • Allowing full participation in activities (especially arts)

  • Non-threatening environment for self-expression

  • Wider range of individual expression

  • Safe atmosphere in which to explore sensitive gender and sex-related issues

  • An atmosphere conducive to intellectual risk-taking.

Male development expertise

  • Faculties experienced in teaching and coaching boys

  • Adults schooled in male development

  • Instruction tailored to style and tempo of boys' learning

  • Heightened focus on academic tasks, on learning

  • Atmosphere of frank, direct communication

Camaraderie and friendships

  • Positive male role modeling

  • Distinctive esprit de corps

  • Absence of posturing, gender stereotyping.

  • Special depth of friendships for life

  • Heightened tendency to support school as alumni

Adapted from the International Boys' Schools Coalition:

Please click here to view a brochure from the International Boys' Schools Coalition.

Source: International Boys' Schools Coalition,