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School News
Baseball, Tennis and Track Teams Head to Florida for Spring Training

Browning’s varsity baseball team once again headed to Port St. Lucie, Fla., for spring training during the School’s Spring Break. Coach Andrew West ’92 reports: “Because the boys had not set foot on a field before the trip due to all the recent snow, this trip was of great importance. The team showed real promise, with a few surprises mixed in as well. As always, we bonded over a trip to a Mets vs. Nationals game, a movie theater outing, and a night at the arcade and bowling alley. What really impressed us as coaches were the determination and self-motivation of this group. We are eager to get the season started!”

Tennis players of all ability levels also enjoyed the warmth of Port St. Lucie, as they played over the course of four days. Coach Michael Klein reports: “Morning sessions were reserved for drills and practice, while afternoon sessions comprised of actual matches. The players enjoyed Jensen Beach on the last day of the trip.”

For the first time, the track team also traveled to Port St. Lucie. Coach Dominique Bernard reports: “This sojourn was a great experience for those boys who were able to participate. Since the Winter Running Club had ended, it was important to start training as early as possible before our season begins. Although challenging, this track experience was also fun for the boys. They have never been as well prepared as  they are this year for the imminent first competition. We are ready to proudly bear the colors of Browning!” View photos.

Annual Art Show: A Sign that Spring is Near!

As city temperatures finally rose, another sign of the impending spring season, Browning’s Annual Art Show, opened to applause. Again this year, the show was held in the Lower Gym, allowing the majority of the art work to be viewed in one venue. The ever-popular Pre-primary penguin works were located near the boys’ classrooms, a location now affectionately referred to as “Penguin Alley.” A number of other works were exhibited in the Lobby and hallways on various floors. Parents and their sons (siblings, too!) were delighted to explore and admire the wonderful art accomplished in recent months under the direction of art teachers Nik Vlahos and Zack Davis. Copies of the Grytte student newspaper were also distributed to the parents. View photos.

Winter '15 Basketball Wrap-up

For the first time, boys in Middle and Upper School came together in one room to celebrate its winter athletes at a special assembly on March 6. In his welcome to the boys, Head of Upper School Jim Reynolds discussed the importance of our student athletes. He thanked all the boys who participated, remarking that the athletics program is the heart of the School. Before turning over the program to Athletic Director Andrew West '92, he said, "In terms of life lessons and socializing with your peers, the sports programs are incredibly important to that experience. I want to thank all the coaches who have worked tremendously hard to make that happen. Let’s give them a round of applause."

Coach West reported that the winter basketball season at Browning was a successful one with tremendous participation from Grade 5 through Form V. Click here to watch a slide show produced by Director of Communications Design Jeremy Katz ’04 of action shots from the season. Photographers Sandy Pelz ’71 and Christine Bramble took these wonderful photos and spend many afternoons cheering on the Panthers.

View additional photos and season details from the coaches for Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Form I/II Basketball Red, Form I/II Basketball Black, 6th Grade Basketball and 5th Grade Basketball.

Grades Three and Four Enjoy Grandparents/Special Friends Day 2015

Grandparents/Special Friends Day always puts a smile on the faces of Browning community members. On March 9, boys in Grades Three and Four, along with their guests (grandparents, aunts, uncles and/or close friends) enjoyed math, technology, science, history and music classes. The morning began with welcome remarks from Headmaster Stephen M. Clement, III and Lower School Head Laurie Gruhn in the Lower Gym, where guests and the boys took in the Annual Art Show. The latest issue of the Grytte student newspaper was also handed out to guests. The chance to be together for a morning of activities made for many photo opportunities and memories of Browning! View Photos

Browning Hosts Presentation on Gender-based Learning

On Wednesday evening, Browning was the proud host of an event that was jointly sponsored by The Parents League of New York and the International Boys' School Coalition (IBSC). Over 150 New York City parents attended a talk given by Dr. Abigail James. Dr. James, author of "Teaching the Male Brain", discussed the world of boys from language acquisition to competition, social-emotional development and friendships. Also in attendance were Dr. Joseph Cox (Executive Director of IBSC and former Headmaster at The Haverford School in Pennsylvania), Corinne Keller (Director of Operations at Parents League), and Gina Malin (Director of School Advisory Services at Parents League). Earlier in the day, Dr. James also addressed the Browning faculty on classroom strategies when working with boys. View photos.

Form II Boys Prove Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

The Form II Physical Science class displayed their creativity in designing their own Rube Goldberg project this winter. Having just covered the subjects of simple and complex machines and energy, the Rube Goldberg project, an annual event, is the perfect combination of these two chapters, as the boys focused on energy transfers in the machines they built. 

The three-week-long project began with an individual white board drawing of a design with one restriction: the boys had to be inventive with the materials they used, as they were not allowed to buy parts. Building their own parts was highly encouraged. They did not disappoint but were innovative and creative in their designs, collaborating with each other along the way. The boys met obstacles and failures head on, constantly rethinking the design up until the final product was built. Tasks included stapling pieces of paper, shooting a paper ball into a trash can, rolling a ball into a can, turning off the lights, sharpening a pencil, opening a drawer, and drawing a line. You may view a video of this project by clicking here.

Olympian Day Brightens Darkness of February

On February 23, the sixth grade history classes and the Form I English classes celebrated Browning's seventh Olympian Day. Gods and heroes patrolled the halls, sat for nectar and ambrosia in the cafeteria, and presented their costumes in class. Poseidon with his trident was popular, as was Zeus with his lightning bolts, but Apollo's lyre and Hercules with the skin of the Nemean Lion were more than present. The Great God Pan piped his pipes, and Hades seemed jollier than his reputation. Even Ares lost his scowl. The event followed a class study of Greek mythology and offered Olympian cheer in the dark days of late February. View photos.

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