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School News
 Collaborative Art Project Stands Out As “Boys School Story”

Browning art teachers Nik Vlahos and Zack Davis initiated a collaboration across all division levels and curriculum to study the art of Pablo Picasso this year. The prolific results inspired the theme of decor for the Holiday Party and, on the mornings of February 23 and 24, some of the works in the boys’ collection were unveiled in the cafeteria. The Browning community members are appreciative of this wonderful gallery surrounding them as they dine, attend meetings, etc., in this wonderful space!

Headmaster Clement is thrilled that Browning boys of all ages collaborated on this colorful art project. He noted, “I think it is a perfect boys school story. We have older boys helping younger boys, we have boys comfortable working in new ways, and we have boys very proud of a finished artistic project. If this were a coed school, the whole-hearted participation of boys would not be as great.” View photos.

To learn more about how the boys created these large-scale murals, click here to watch a video of how the Art Department incorporated Picasso into the Browning curriculum throughout the division levels.

Record Year for the Note-a-thon!

Browning's Alumni Council hosted the 7th Annual Alumni Note-a-thon in the Wilson Room on Tuesday, February 24. Thirty volunteers signed letters to classmates and fellow alumni. This year, more than 650 letters were personalized -- the largest amount ever produced from a Note-a-thon event! Letters and notes focused on promoting the annual Alumni Reunion as well as support of the Annual Fund. An Alumni Council meeting was also held that evening with special guest Soo Mi Thompson, director of annual giving. We are grateful to all of the alumni who volunteered their time and energy to this important effort! View photos.

Browning-Marymount Skaters Undaunted by Sub-Zero Temps

The Browning and Marymount Family Skating Party on February 24 at Central Park’s Wollman Rink was full of fun and frivolity. Hot chocolate, mixed with great company and camaraderie between both school communities, made for a warm evening despite the sub-zero temperatures!

Highlights of the skating party included Headmaster Clement’s introduction of each boy on the Lower School hockey team. Adding to the festive, frosty evening was an appearance by Browning’s panther mascot and Marymount's Rory the Lion mascot who joined Headmaster Clement and the skaters in gliding along the ice. What better way to beat the winter blues! View photos.

2015 Form VI Expository Writing Class Breakfast

Headmaster Clement's Form VI Expository Writing Class met for the last time on February 19 over breakfast. Prior to the start of the class, the Form VI boys heard from Headmaster Clement, Director of Middle and Upper School Admission Janet Lien and Director of Alumni Affairs Laura Lanigan. Each boy was asked to reflect on the most helpful of the three essays he wrote for the course, and then ponder the most meaningful essay written by a classmate. View photos.

West Side Story Staged at Brearley

Five of our Upper School boys performed in the January production of “West Side Story” (music by Leonard Bernstein; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) at The Brearley School. 30 student actors from Brearley, Browning and Collegiate took to the main stage for three evenings of drama, suspense and incredible music. Photos by Brearley. View photos.

Middle School Boys Present Projects During Math Science Night

The Middle School Math Science Night on February 10 allowed Browning boys to share their knowledge of these two subjects with the Browning community, including faculty and parents. Chair of the Math Department Michael Klein remarked, “The boys had been working long and hard on their projects and were very excited to show and present their work. This event, an annual highlight of the school year, provides an opportunity for the boys to see how the math they learn in the classroom has real-world applications. Thanks to all the faculty for their time and participation.” Science Department Chair Sam Keany concurred, “The boys continue to explore interesting new questions and solidify their understanding of the process of scientific investigation.”

Boys in Grades Five and Six, as well as those in Form I, showcased their work in the Lower Gym and Cafeteria, while Form II boys split into groups and presented on SMARTBoards in the two new science labs and in the art rooms. View photos.

Food for Thought Plus Fun at Frost Valley

On January 21, Form IV joined the sophomores from the other single-sex independent schools that make up the Interschool, Chapin, Brearley, Collegiate, Nightingale-Bamford and Spence, for a three-day retreat at Frost Valley, an expansive YMCA camp facility, in Claryville, NY. Dean of Students Sam Keany, who accompanied the group, reports:

The tenth graders and peer leaders engaged in a variety of activities, ranging from Broom Ball in a slick, snowy field, to tubing, to square dancing. Discussion sessions run by facilitators introduced conversations regarding school life, adolescence, and important choices each student makes as they move through high school. The students also engaged in thought-provoking discussions led by senior peer leaders from each of the six schools. The Form IV students and faculty had three great days at Frost Valley. Please click here to view photos and a video on the peer leader program.

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