Athletics Photos
2019 Varsity Basketball

This year the varsity basketball team had one of the most successful seasons in school history! Finishing with a record of 19-5, the boys captured the NYCAL Regular Season Title and the NYCAL Postseason Championship in dramatic fashion, defeating Columbia Prep 61-58 on an Alex Liptak three-pointer with 10 seconds left.

2019 Varsity Indoor Track

The varsity indoor track team had a successful inaugural season. The boys endured the cold winter season and worked hard each day, alternating between endurance and speed training. The team also spent time in the weight room every week and improved their strength over the course of the season. The team competed in five meets and sent two runners to the NYSAIS Championships.

2019 Varsity Squash

The Browning Squash team had a great season, despite our record of four wins and six losses. We were led by graduating captain Nick Hurley, with the rest of the squad comprised of ninth and 10th graders. This was a building year, and I predict that we will be very formidable next season!

2019 Junior Varsity Basketball

Over the course of the season, the JV basketball team showed tremendous growth in both skill and teamwork. Despite some initial tough losses, the boys finished with four commendable wins. The team defeated Lycée Français twice and also scored wins against Churchill and Staten Island Academy.

2019 7/8 Basketball Red

The Red team finished their season with a 7-9 record. The boys started the first half of the season with a 5-2 record, and during this time, they displayed excellent ball movement and spacing within their offensive sets. Their biggest win of the first part of the season came against Riverdale School, which marked the first time in seven years that a Browning 7/8 grade team has defeated Riverdale.

2019 7/8 Basketball Black

The 7/8 basketball team had an outstanding season.  They defined the meaning of “grytte” throughout the season, whether it be diving for the ball with 30 seconds on the clock or playing with a “never give up” attitude.

2019 6th Grade Basketball

The sixth grade basketball team ended the season with a 9-3 record. The boys showed tremendous growth as the season progressed. Each member of the team contributed to the success we saw, game after game.

2019 5th Grade Basketball

The fifth grade basketball team had a lot of fun throughout the season. The boys played against some difficult opponents but always kept their heads held high and continued to work hard. They played well together and had a better understanding of how to run plays as the season progressed.

2019 Fencing

The Browning fencers all performed well throughout the season, with each boy an integral  part of the team.

2018 Varsity Cross Country

Chuck Norris said, “Cross Country: No half times, no timeouts, no substitutions. It must be the only true sport.” The 2018 NYCAL season experienced a riveting conclusion and delivered its verdict on October 23 at Van Cortland Park. A strong and experienced Trevor Day team won the competition, just edging out Columbia Prep. Browning’s varsity co-captain, Ryan Eagan, won the race (again) with a great time (17:15), close to his personal record (16:58). Ryan has been consistently training hard, pushing himself during interval and hill work-outs, running during the summer and being very responsible about his training. He is a talented runner, and his hard work has paid off in the end. It has been a true pleasure for me to run with the boys this fall and try to share with them my running experience. All of them improved over the season, thanks to their efforts during daily sessions. Most of our harriers will be back next year when we will hope to correct our deficiencies and build on our assets.

2018 Varsity Soccer

While team members started the season with a few ties in league contests, they failed to hit their stride in the weeks after. They were a young team with only four seniors, and the talented freshmen who started often appeared intimidated by the bigger and stronger opponents. Special mention must go to the captains on the team, Blaise Lowen, Nick Hurley and Fernando Cohate, for their leadership and example on and off the field, and to George Newberry, our top goal scorer, who played with a broken wrist for most of the season! We’re very optimistic about the future, as we have some skilled players coming up the ranks to compete at the varsity level.

2018 Junior Varsity Soccer

The team finished the season with a 0-6-3 record and just one win away from a fourth seed playoff spot. The team played an extra play-in game with Loyola and ended it in a 1-1 tie, but narrowly lost the game in penalty kicks. Highlighting the Panthers season were suburb dribbling skills from Captain Luis Altamirano, controlled and timely slide tackles and clears from defensive backs Henry Smith and Alex Raftopoulus, and two late goals to tie games against Loyola and Masters by Jeffrey Ramos and Evan Taylor.

2018 Middle School Cross Country

The Middle School cross country team had a great season, full of improvements. Captain Jack McNeill set a positive tone for the team with his hard work and dedication. The boys came to practice each day ready to work hard, alternating between endurance training, speed workouts and weight training. The team was led by Sasha Maslennikov, who ran consistent times throughout the season and placed in the top 10 each meet. He was followed by teammates Sam Snyder, Kevin Twomey and Jack McNeill, who all improved their times. With hard work, discipline and consistent training, the Middle School boys have strong running careers in their future.

2018 7th and 8th Grade Soccer

The 7-8 soccer team had a successful season with a final record of 8-3. As the season progressed, the boys meshed and played some of their best games. They learned a lot from their three losses, which were all extremely close. Our best games of the season were against Columbia Prep and St. David’s. We beat Columbia Prep in a close game, 3-1. We played St. David’s in our last game of the season, scoring eight goals and moving the ball extremely well. We scored 35 goals and only let up eight throughout the season, which is a testament to our excellent defense and goalkeeper. The boys should be proud of all they accomplished.

2018 5th and 6th Grade Soccer

This was the inaugural season for the 5/6 soccer team. Playing together for the first time can prove challenging, but this group was up to the task. The team was deep, loaded with skill and always played with a purpose. After coming up short in their first game despite severely outplaying their opponent, the boys reeled off four straight shutout wins, each one more impressive than the last. This team has a bright future, and we look forward to seeing their continued success as they get older. The boys finished the season with record of 4-1.

2018 Varsity Baseball

The varsity baseball team had yet another successful season. Making sure to not rest on their laurels after winning back-to-back championships, the boys started the season strong with a great turnout for spring training in Florida. Once again, the team played competitive games all season, finishing with a 7-7 record and playing their best ball as the postseason approached. Despite coming up short in the semifinals against a strong Loyola team, our young team should be very proud of their improvement throughout the season. We return a strong team next year. The coaches would like to congratulate and thank our senior captains Tak and George on their fantastic four-year baseball careers, winning a regular season title and two championships, as well as displaying excellent leadership throughout their senior seasons. Go Panthers!

2018 Varsity Tennis

Our boys repeated as NYCAL league season champions and NYCAL tournament champions this season, extending the success of Browning tennis over the last eight years. 

We finished the season undefeated in our league, losing only three matches for a record of 12-3. One of those losses resulted from five players being too sick to play. Our other losses were against IVY league teams Riverdale and Trinity. Our players probably gained more from those losses, since they get better by playing better players. Our last match of the season against Trinity left us revved up and ready to go for the tournament, where we won 19 of our 20 matches and swept league archrival Columbia Prep, 5-0.

2018 Varsity Track

The Browning varsity track team’s season  ended very well, with the boys placing third right behind Columbia Prep, the 2018 NYCAL league champion, and Lycée Français. These are good results, considering the difficulties and numerous injuries encountered over the season. We won the 4X800 and placed third in the 4x100. Fernando Hierro, Tommy Ramirez, Philip Raftopoulos and Ryan Eagan enflamed the stadium and were outstanding during the 4X800. The quartet of Giovani Taveras, Blaise Lowen, Fernando Hierro and Manny Medina placed third in the 4X400. Captain Ryan Eagan, who has been impeccable during the season, won the 3200 and the 1600. He also placed sixth in the 800.

2018 Varsity Golf

The season started in cold and windy March out on the practice range at Randall’s Island and ended on the greens and fairways of Mosholu Golf Course in the warmth and sunshine of May. The golf team battled weather conditions throughout the season, working hard to improve their game, and ultimately succeeded in lowering their personal scores.

The boys finished third in the NYCAL league and made Browning history by playing a match on simulators at Konnect, an indoor facility! I am proud the boys’ commitment and look forward to next year, with the hope of better weather to start to season!

2018 7th and 8th Grade Baseball

The Middle School baseball team displayed tremendous growth as the season progressed. With 13 members strong, the team had lots of opportunities to play in games. We ended up with a 4-4 record, which is definitely commendable. As the season progressed, the boys gained a better understanding of the game. They became more aware of the little things, which in turn helped the outcomes of many of our games. The boys stepped outside their comfort zones by playing in numerous positions, including catcher and pitcher. We had some great wins this season and also learned a lot from our losses. Overall it was a successful season; the boys gave a great effort and should be proud of their accomplishments throughout.