Middle School

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Browning’s Middle School fosters an environment where boys can step confidently from childhood toward adolescence. A developmentally appropriate curriculum, a dedicated faculty committed to boys, and a well-managed advisory program guide students with a variety of strengths toward self-reliance and a sense of responsibility. A community committed to our mission, we strive to cultivate in young men the habit of self-reflection essential to a life of integrity. Blending rigor, structure and increasing autonomy, our program presents the myriad ways in which students pursue excellence in the core academic classes, in the arts, on the athletic field, and through commitment to a wide range of extracurricular activities. In classrooms, Middle School boys refine essential skills, build upon their prior knowledge and test their wings as critical thinkers by posing increasingly challenging questions about their world. Analytical skills are routinely strengthened through deep textual readings and application to collaborative projects in the science labs and the humanities curriculum. Communication skills, literacy immersion and the development of a sound writing style are prominent in the curriculum, serving the boys broadly. Rich programs in the visual arts, performing arts and technology round out this balanced introduction to the liberal arts. Various class trips in and out of Manhattan further expand the curriculum. At the heart of these vehicles of learning is a shared experience where boys grow as individuals and find deep connections within their community.