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The Lower School is a student’s introduction to a lifelong love of learning: an integral part of Browning’s mission. The goals of the Lower School focus on five areas:

  • Building skills, such as literacy, numeracy, social skills.
  • Supporting a sense of accomplishment and pride in one’s work.
  • Creating relationships among peers, among teachers and students, and between home and school.
  • Developing a boy’s sense of awareness and responsibility for the broader community
  • Nurturing an awareness of the diversity of our world.

We recognize the importance of giving a child time to be a child; he needs time to run and to play while actively developing his growing abilities. Through hands-on activities and small group work, the boys enjoy a busy and productive day. Through academic classes, community service projects, field trips and the Encore program, teachers work to challenge a boy intellectually, while guiding him in his understanding of character and social responsibility. The Lower School faculty is a group of dedicated, talented and exceptionally qualified men and women who are focused on the growth and well-being of their students. This commitment to the boys and their families is a hallmark of the Lower School.

Laurie A. Gruhn
Head of the Lower School
Assistant Head of School