When you are considering schools, you have many decisions to make. And those decisions can feel overwhelming, particularly when your boy is young. Will he thrive in a small environment or a larger one? Does he need a teacher-directed environment, or will a collaborative environment be more engaging? Will he have a special talent in athletics or the arts that will need to be nurtured? 

Add to that list: what difference can single-sex education make for my son?

At Browning, we are a boys' school by choice, not by chance. We know that it’s important to educate boys in a way that builds upon their strengths when the larger educational discourse seems to focus solely on their challenges. We intentionally identify instructional methods that are most developmentally appropriate for boys. We challenge boys to be their best selves in the classroom, on the stage, on the playing field, and in the community. In addition to providing an excellent academic foundation, we support boys’ needs for deep relationships and an enduring sense of purpose.

In a time of changing gender and cultural expectations, a boys’ school may, at first glance, appear anachronistic. But here at Browning, we teach the competencies that allow boys to adapt to these changes while remaining true to themselves and their values. We are committed to providing our students with the skills and dispositions that will make them into the good men that the world needs today. 

We do this in a warm, welcoming community of like-minded people who have chosen to become “boy experts.” We follow evidence-based educational practices and ensure our faculty and staff receive ongoing professional development for teaching, coaching and mentoring young men. Most importantly, we know and love our students and believe deeply in our mission to create men of intellect and integrity who aspire to contribute meaningfully to our world.

What can a Browning education do for your son? Everything that you hoped, and even more.