Upper School

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The Upper School at Browning is built upon the close relationships between the students and their teachers. As the boys are challenged intellectually, artistically, athletically, and socially by a rigorous curriculum, they are surrounded by a talented and supportive faculty and staff who know their students personally and deeply. With this knowledge, we seek to engage a student’s curiosity and grow his sense of personal meaning while we simultaneously ask him to stretch himself, to take intellectual risks, and to take increasing control of his own learning. We also ask each Upper School student to be a leader and a model within and beyond the Browning community, whether through our growing service learning program or simply from more informal interactions with younger students and peers in our many clubs and activities. These moments are the foundation upon which an education is built, and they are practiced here with careful attention and diligence and celebrated as the gateway to lives of intellect, integrity, and purpose.

Gene Campbell
Head of the Upper School