Upper School

The Upper School serves as a platform for post-secondary education and leadership, encouraging each boy to grow as an individual and take responsibility for his success beyond Browning. Press play button to learn more.

Welcome to the Upper School section of the Browning School Handbook. We hope that the information here will introduce you to the program. Some of the essential traits of the Upper School are our size, our understanding of boys’ development, and our resources and opportunities for learning. The Upper School has just over 110 students; therefore, classes are small and teachers know their students well. We are committed to boys’ education, and we strive to provide a setting and a program that are responsive to boys’ needs. The Upper School program challenges boys in many different ways and ensures that each student develops intellectually, artistically, socially and physically. As the oldest students in the school, Upper School boys are role models and leaders for the younger boys. Our Peer Leadership program, a group of seniors are trained to work with younger students in the Upper and Middle Schools, exemplifies our students’ commitment to community. When students graduate from Browning and leave the Upper School, they are well prepared for the new challenges and responsibilities that college will demand of them.

James E. Reynolds
Head of the Upper School