2017 Fencing

Participating in fencing accounts for a particularly long day, as every school fences every other school in a full match in one day. The tournament is a season in itself – a true and steady test of a team!

Browning fencers have shined in the past: a team of seniors with only three years of training came within a touch of unseating a team of nationally ranked juniors. They knew it could be done; they lost any idea of limit and merely did their best.

This year there have been glimmers in an up-and-down season. Raymond Diaz ’19, who only started fencing in the middle of last year, came in third in the league individual championship. Caleb Sussman ’18 buckled down and made beautiful touches. Robert Nielsen ’18, a fine epee fencer, sparkled as a saber fencer when the team needed someone to fill a gap.

There are strengths waiting to be tapped and Browning spirit in abundance!

- Coach Joel Glucksman