2018 Varsity Cross Country

Chuck Norris said, “Cross Country: No half times, no timeouts, no substitutions. It must be the only true sport.” The 2018 NYCAL season experienced a riveting conclusion and delivered its verdict on October 23 at Van Cortland Park. A strong and experienced Trevor Day team won the competition, just edging out Columbia Prep. Browning’s varsity co-captain, Ryan Eagan, won the race (again) with a great time (17:15), close to his personal record (16:58). Ryan has been consistently training hard, pushing himself during interval and hill work-outs, running during the summer and being very responsible about his training. He is a talented runner, and his hard work has paid off in the end. It has been a true pleasure for me to run with the boys this fall and try to share with them my running experience. All of them improved over the season, thanks to their efforts during daily sessions. Most of our harriers will be back next year when we will hope to correct our deficiencies and build on our assets.

Coach Bernard