2019 Fencing

The Browning fencers all performed well throughout the season, with each boy an integral  part of the team.

Edgar Saavedra did well for a first-time fencer and is holding his own against more seasoned fencers. Edgar sets high expectations for his performance and always tries his best. Part of his success hinges on the fact that he follows instruction well and makes a concerted effort to execute it. Edgar is respectful and diligent and is a good teammate who is often willing to help set up and break down for meets and practices. Even though the epee team is fresh and new, they are our most consistent boys squad, and other coaches have already complimented them on their performance. 

Deion Stewart displays dedication and never misses a practice. He is, among other things, a hard worker and a team player. His innate athleticism is a key part of his success so far, and he is gradually learning technique in epee. He is a welcome addition to the team and has formed the foundation of the boys epee squad, our lone and dedicated boys squad this year. Deion’s role in making his squad and the boys team a success cannot be highlighted enough.

Raymond Diaz is a good leader in every way imaginable. He is the fencer who demonstrates leadership by working hard and encouraging his teammates, both boys and girls, to succeed. He cheers them on at the strip and is often helping the younger and newer fencers to grasp concepts and to employ strategies in their bouts. Raymond has been a de facto captain through his leadership and support of the other fencers. Without Ray, we wouldn’t have Edgar and Deion. Ray not only recruited these boys but clearly served as an example for them. He surprised us this year with his timely and graceful leadership of the boys epee squad.

The coaches are grateful to  have been able to work with them each day.

–Coach Runako Taylor