Olympian Day 2016

Their teachers report that the Middle School offered its annual salute to the Greek gods, demi-gods and heroes on February 23, as Olympians walked the halls of Browning. Boys in sixth grade history and Form I English were costumed as their favorites. The devotees of Hermes and Apollo were out in force with caduceus and lyre in hand, but Zeus and Poseidon held their own in popularity. Ares and Hades glowered a bit, but Bacchus kept everyone happy. Atlas maintained his balance, Daedalus took flight, and Hercules performed his labors without harming the Nemean Lion. "The gods could only smile," said Mr. Dearinger.

The boys introduced themselves in history class, revealing their lineages, life stories and special powers. After introductions, they did some role playing. Hephaestus confronted Ares over the beautiful Aphrodite. Minos and Oedipus discussed their complicated marital situations, and Pheidippides asked Hermes for a lift to Athens. It was all good fun as the boys put their mythological knowledge to the test. Costumes were largely homespun except for a few assists from Amazon Prime for spears, swords and shields. There was a handmade Trojan horse by Odysseus, Prometheus’s eagle-pecked liver made out of bread, and Achille’s heel underscored by a pink highlighter.

The action was all part of a major study of Ancient Greece in the sixth grade. The literature, archaeology, political history, art and architecture of this amazing period in western history is studied in depth. “It’s been a great odyssey for the boys and teacher alike!” said Ms. Bosworth.