Lunar Mission Accomplished!

Grade Five boys completed a successful Mission to the Moon simulation activity at the Buehler Challenger Space and Science Center, where they honored the legacy of the Space Shuttle Challenger crew by carrying on their educational mission! Press play button to watch the video.

On February 22, fifth grade boys visited the Buehler Challenger Space and Science Center for Browning's annual Mission to the Moon simulation activity. During their simulated space flight, students were responsible for tasks pertaining to an area of the mission, including navigating the spacecraft, analyzing lunar samples, and ensuring the health and safety of the flight crew. The students spent time operating both in mission control and in the spacecraft.

This experience capped off the Grade Five astronomy unit in science class, during which the students studied the nature and origins of our Moon, the Moon's effects on our tides on Earth, and the history of lunar missions, among other things. During the field trip, the students demonstrated not only a strong understanding of lunar science, but also the teamwork and focus required to undertake such a complex set of tasks. Ultimately, Browning's fifth grade mission crew completed its required assignment, successfully constructing and deploying a lunar probe and landing safely on the Moon's surface. Well done, boys!