Third Annual Biodiversity Day Raises Awareness and Funds!

The third annual Biodiversity Day sponsored by Browning’s Green Team was another huge success! After the opening address at Christ Church, boys, teachers, staff members and guest naturalists broke into groups and headed to Central Park, where they dodged the raindrops to complete a Bioblitz/Biodiversity survey. Approximately 100 species were identified!

In another “point of pride,” dollars raised by the day’s Dress Down Day amounted to $1,500 and were donated to the Wild Bird Fund and the Central Park Conservancy.

The Green Team members in each group were responsible for posting their respective Central Park observations on iNaturalist, the citizen science platform. Back at Browning, group members watched “The Man Who Planted Trees” and noted the changes that took place in the community shown in the video as their environment evolved. The boys then made “seed bombs” to take home or plant around the School. Derived from the Japanese technique called Tsuchi Dango, or “earth dumplings,” seed bombs were developed in 1938 by Masanobu Fukuoka, a microbiologist.

The boys later participated in workshops of their choice, including “Design Your Own Animal,” "City Soundscapes,” “Coding for the Environment” and “Sculpture Jam,” among many others. Lower School boys were treated to a program by zoologist “Nature Nick Jacinto” who introduced them to a fascinating collection of animals such as a tiny armadillo, enormous owl, albino kangaroo and a very vocal kookaburra, to name just a few!

Science teacher Emilie Wolf and Green Team members – channeling Dr. Seuss’s tree-hugging Lorax in a whimsical email of gratitude to the Browning community – wrote, “What a success! We pulled it off! This entire day could not have happened without your support, engagement and awesomeness. There cannot be enough praise and thanks sent your way. The Lorax says it best: ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’ ”