Canine Guest Teaches Boys About the Weather

“Schmitty The Weather Dog” graced a Lower School assembly in November with her tiny but powerful persona. Dressed in sunglasses and matching coat, she appeared with her owners, meteorologist Ron Trotta and author Elly McGuire. The boys were enthralled and answered questions about the weather in response to Mr. Trotta’s lively and informative discussion about various types of precipitation.

Mr. Trotta is an award-winning Ragtime piano player, while Ms. McGuire is the author of the book, “Schmitty The Weather Dog,” which she read to the boys at the beginning of the assembly. Mr. Trotta later led the boys and teachers in a sing-along; in fact, he gave the teachers an “8 out of 10” for their vocal prowess!

This entertaining and energetic trio has performed for grade school children on both coasts. According to Schmitty’s website, in addition to teaching students about the weather, she helped raise money for displaced pets after Hurricane Katrina. Before heading back to class, the boys had a chance to meet, thank and personally say good-bye to Schmitty and Ms. McGuire.