Class of 2015 Presents Senior Projects

As in prior years, Form VI boys proudly presented their senior projects to the faculty and Form V boys. The metropolitan community benefited from the varied nature of these projects, with the boys volunteering their time at Seamen’s Church Institute, New York Public Library, Future Leaders Institute, New York Common Pantry, Wild Bird Fund, S.N.A.C.K., American Museum of Natural History, NYC Parks GreenThumb Project, The Asia Society and Oliver Scholars, among numerous other organizations. Some seniors said they may have been the recipient of their chosen organization’s generosity in the past, so they worked there to “pay it back.” Form V boys were provided with plenty of advice on how to plan for their own projects next year. The seniors’ recommendations to the younger class were clear: start early to find an organization and choose one that is of interest to you. Of course, a reality check was also in order, as one boy noted that even if it turns out to not be what you expected, “Just do it!” Clearly, these projects prepared the boys for the real world!

Happily, the boys found that at the end of their three weeks, they had, indeed, made a difference. Though in some cases their duties may have seemed insignificant or more clerical in nature than expected, the hours they provided to each organization freed up staff members who may have been overwhelmed. Overall, the projects were a wonderful experience and provided a great sense of satisfaction to our seniors.

For a third year, Director of Middle and Upper School Admission Janet Lien oversaw the senior projects. She and Headmaster Clement welcomed the boys and their audience, both noting that this three-week community service project has benefitted many people in many ways.

Head of Upper School Jim Reynolds thanked the boys for their diligence, noting that each of the organizations they worked with truly appreciates the hours the boys devoted. He mentioned that the types of organizations they worked with were truly impressive, running the gamut from arts and entertainment to education and wildlife conservation.

Headmaster Clement was also pleased with the boys’ efforts and thanked Ms. Lien as well as Glenn Walker, who ensured that the video and slide presentations and technical aspects of the presentations ran smoothly.