Grytte Newspaper Celebrates 120th Anniversary and Gold Medal

The Grytte newspaper staff was awarded a Gold Medalist rating for the issues published in 2016-17 by boys in Grade Four through Form VI. Play video to learn more about the award and the paper’s 120th anniversary celebrations.

The Grytte student newspaper is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, continuing its legacy of writing and editing. Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) has just awarded the Grytte a “Gold” rating for the second year in a row, and the staff is thrilled to have started the year so well. In addition to its usual work, staff members have had the privilege to attend events outside "the red doors" to ameliorate their reporting skills, as well as gain key perspective and insight into the roles and responsibilities of a journalist.

In November, to celebrate the anniversary of its inaugural issue that same month in 1897, the staff visited the offices of TheStreet on Wall Street, where alumnus David Callaway ’82 serves as CEO. Mr. Callaway led a tour, with the group posing briefly for photos in the "green room" before engaging in a discussion with him about the current state of journalism, as well as that of the Grytte itself.

The following Monday, much of the staff attended the annual CSPA Fall Conference at Columbia University for the third consecutive year. Students as young as fifth grade and as old as Form VI attended a variety of expert-led sessions, with topics ranging from how to spot unreliable sources to expanding and building upon one’s creativity.

“As this is our one-hundred-twentieth anniversary, we want to produce a publication bigger and better than in years past,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Jackson Richter ’18 said. “We are ecstatic and grateful to have had the opportunities to explore the journalism world so early in the year, and we look forward to utilizing what we have learned to produce our first publication, of which we are also very proud.”